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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hitting the wall, big time.

So, for some weird reason, right around 11:00 to noon, or thereabouts, every day it seems, I run full tilt into this imaginary wall. It feels like someone has siphoned every last bit of energy out of my body. Kills me. Breathing becomes a major Olympic event, and forget about moving...not going to happen. I was at the mall the other day and actually had to sit down after getting off the escalator. THE ESCALATOR!!! Doesn't require ANY effort at all, does it? I'm sure the 100 year old man sitting next to me was secretly laughing...I just want to know what in God's name this child is doing inside me that causes me to become a complete bowl of jello. Running a marathon? Continuous somersaults? What?!?! I realize this probably coincides with his/her lunch time, but shouldn't breakfast be the biggest meal of the day? Why can't this happen at 8 am when I'm still asleep? That would work much better with my schedule.
How many months left?