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Monday, May 29, 2006

Ahhh, some relief!

So, G-Man is gone for three months, but he managed to finish 95% of the renos before leaving, and I FINALLY have my house almost back to the way I like it. It took me two days to clean it, and I still have a ton of painting to do, but my bathroom has acheived spa-like status, and my kitchen and laundry room now have one, continuous, CLEAN floor! There are little things to do in the meantime, like finish baseboards, and touchups, and little patch jobs on the walls, but the main thing is that the house is CLEAN AGAIN!!!!! I am so happy...yeah, I know, I need therapy. Of course, the upstairs is still scary, and will be for a while, as G's cousin is going to be redoing the insulation up there, and then I can finally paint and get the baby's room done. There's still three months! to go, so I'm not too worried.
Just one thing to comment on though. What is it about men that they consider a job done once the walls are up and the stove is back in place? My Dad made the comment that so long as the drywall was up and the stove and fridge worked, he considered it done. Um, yeah, welcome to casa de drywall! Unreal. For me, it's not done until the walls are fully painted, and all trims, casings and other finishing touches are complete. It makes it easier in the long run to sell the house...
Anyway, as I know I've kept everyone absolutely spellbound with this little blurb, I'll end it here. Back to discussing other mundane things...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I want my house back...but improved!

So, here we are, almost a month into the renos, and all I can say is, " I want my house and my life back!" Don't get me wrong, it's going to look great, but I'm about to have a nervous breakdown from not being able to clean anything properly! Fuck nesting, this is just me being me! The bathroom is going to look fabulous though, if that's any consolation at this point. Two more days and what's done is going to be done, because after that, there will be no man of the house, seeing as the G-Man leaves Friday for three months to go work up North, and I get to be pregnant all by myself for a while. I had this thought last night, and I'm not sure how big a deal it is, but now I won't have him here should I decide to do pre-natal classes...kinda sucks...that and having to get the baby's room ready all by my lonesome too.
Thank God I have some family members here to annoy me somewhat. I guess it's not all bad though. I get to go visit him a couple times, once being for our anniversary in July. Not quite what I had planned for the one year mark, but it will have to do, and besides, we'll have lots more of them to celebrate. That and with the cashola he'll be raking in, he can get me a nice gift to commemorate the event. haha.
Did I mention that I feel like poo today too? Having a mental meltdown when the toilet starts to leak and you think it's destroying the newly laid flooring is a good way to make oneself sick for a day or so. Combine that with having to go to work whilst the house is in a shambles, and it doesn't get much better than that! Thursday is only two days away...what a great time to not be able to drink! ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's OK to live like a refugee...

So long as it's not me doing it!
As some of you know, we are in the midst of our long awaited renovations. For those of you that have ever thought of doing something like this, take my advice. It would be better to just light a match, claim the insurance money and build a NEW FUCKING HOUSE!
Where do I start? How about last week, when my very capable ( and I mean this sincerely) husband started ripping out drywall and ceiling in our 1920's built home. You can just imagine the shit that came raining down. Every sort of woodchip imaginable, not to mention some 1933 magazines, and the best of all, a handbag that was doubling as insulation. What the fuck did people think back then? "Hey, I don't use this purse anymore, rather than throw it away, let's just stick it in a wall and see what happens..." I mean, did someone honestly think that a device commonly used to carry a wallet and lipstick would protect against the elements? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
Next, once the house was covered in a layer of dust, I tried to make some headway and actually clean up a little, and was told not to bother. I should have listened, because with yesterday's rain, my house is now one big mud slick. Guys, would it be too much trouble to take off your shoes when you come in the house? It's never going to be the same. My carpets are total garbage fodder now, and the floors, don't even get me started. I'll be lucky if I can get the ground in mud off the laminate sometime this year.
The topper is the fact that we have been without power since yesterday morning, due to our needing to increase our Hydro service. If this wasn't bad enough, I get home to find out that the water heater has decided to take a crap and no longer works. It just gets better and better.
I guess the end result justifies the means, but God help me, if it doesn't, you'll find me at the store, buying matches...